Bacon achieved a transformation
of a crucified being
into hanging dead meat
got up from the table and said softly
yes of course we are meat
we are potentially carrion
Rembrandt Velázquez
well yes they believed in the resurrection
of bodies they prayed before painting sessions
while we play
modern art is a game
from Picasso onwards we all play
better or worse
have you seen Dürer’s drawing
hands set in prayer
naturally they drank ate murdered
raped and tortured
but did believe in the resurrection of bodies
in life eternal
Tadeusz Różewicz
„Francis Bacon or Diego Velazquez on a dentist’s chair”

A performance portraits Francis Bacon’s life seen through his art. We are entering the frame of his paintings; we are traveling through his works where a painter reconstructs his own fears, desires and memories. We used Bacon’s favorites texts for the material os this journey; pieces of Eliot’s and Shakespeare's works enriched by our own writings. 

What really interests us is how a biography is being used to build art and how art comes back to real life of its author.

17 may 2013 (Dni Sztuki Współczesnej/ Akademia Teatralna/ Białystok)
22 may 2013 (Studio Teatralne Koło/ Warszawa)
BACON         by Shakespeare Eliot, Francis Bacon’s interviews and own writings. Direction Marcin Bartnikowski Scenography and puppets Marcin Bikowski Music Anna Świętochowska Played by Marcin Bikowski